Though you might think this is strange, it's actually very logical and much more common than you may think.My clients often have this issue.

The two of them are talking to a guy who is sweet, nice, awesome, and treats her well, but he appears hesitant to commit.Her next statement is that everything will be perfect if he just commits.

There is a reason why everything looks so perfect!

This article covers 5 reasons why I think men treat you like a girlfriend, but don't commit.

Your surprise is about to come.

Why Does He Treat Me Like A Girlfriend But Doesn’t Want To Commit To A Relationship?

It is common for guys to treat you like a girlfriend, but they don't commit because they want the best of both worlds.Unless he treats you well, you'll stick around hoping he'll commit.In the meantime, he's going to take advantage of the fact that he's still single and free to do whatever he wants.


But it isn't that simple.

That is a logical conclusion.

The following are examples of assets:

If he gets all this from you, why would he commit?

How else does he benefit?

This is a difficult question for many women.That being the case, he loses nothing by getting married, and he only loses the ability to be single.

Most women will say, "Well, it's because he really likes me."

My knowledge of that is limited.I don’t think he likes you that much.

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I will elaborate on why men do not commit.They stack, by the way.So, the more reasons there are, the less likely he is to commit.

Reason One For Not Committing: Negotiation


When I mention a negotiation, a lot of women seem unsure of what I am talking about.

He treats you like his girlfriend, but he doesn't commit.

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Because he knows you know he won't commit, whether that's through discussion or his actions, he can only assume you know the truth.With that, he doesn't have to worry about creating an atmosphere or a vibe of a relationship (leading you on).

The most common reason men act this way is because they want to appear all-loving and decent for him to only say, "I like you, but I don't want a relationship.".

It is better to put it this way:

There are some times when guys don't act all lovey-dovey (or it drops off) because it creates a context of a relationship, and if he's not on board with you, he won't follow through.However, if he knows you don't want one, leading you is diluted.

Reason Two For Not Committing: No Pressure


In addition to what I said above, there is no pressure or worry.If you don't expect a relationship, he can treat you however he wants.

With this pressure relief, men feel like they can reach out for all the benefits of relationships without actually being in one.

Rather than just committing, why do men do this?

The list goes on and on.

Reason Three For Not Committing: The Feeling Of A Relationship


Even though it sounds strange, there's a reason why I choose not to commit.

One who is unsure of a relationship, yet wants to take advantage of its benefits.

What do you think about this?.In a sense, yes.In cases where it leads you on.Unfortunately, that's human nature.

The purpose of his argument is to justify it.When he doesn't know if he likes her or if he wants one, why not just say "hello" to her and "see where it goes?".””

There is a major problem with women holding onto hope that these things will change.Due to the fact that they have such an amazing time together, she thinks he will come around because they talked for three months.

The opposite is true.

After a certain period of time, he feels you're not going anywhere, because you invested too much in him.You're doomed.

He shouldn't be allowed to.

Reason Four He Won’t Commit: You Hold Onto Hope


Yes, I understand.You heard me!

This isn't the case.

Cut him off instead of trying to win him over.In this way, you can create a reason for him to change.That way, you can make the world a better place.He isn't going to change while he can have his cake and eat it too.

Here, I won't make fun of men, because it's not like he's thinking, "What can I do to take advantage of her hope?".

While some guys probably agree with that statement, most do not.

Men like the girl so they want to talk to her.He is not obligated to commit and neither are you.But if you're not on the same page, then let it go.

No matter how much I dislike sounding sexist, I never even blame men after a certain point.Whether he is a liar, a manipulator, or a jerk, after a while, it becomes evident he won't commit yet, so women remain.

When? What for?

Reason Five He’s Not Committing: You’re Getting The Raw End Of The Deal


When he treats you like a girlfriend, but isn't serious about committing, it is foolish to stick around.It's no secret to him.

This is why he needs to treat you well.A girlfriend deserves the same treatment.

.Otherwise, you would be crazy.

Sweeten that pot, he must!

He needs to paint that picture so you will stay otherwise he has to go through the same thing with someone else.

What do you think? Let me know.What is your opinion?.Feel free to let me know if I missed anything.