For those who love nostalgia, here is something that might seem ordinary, but is meant for you.We all love and cherish Google Snake.The game is fun to play.

Play this exciting, simple game using the arrow keys, eat to grow bigger, and avoid hitting your own tail.The game can bring back a lot of emotions and feelings.Enjoy it.

As I will be asking you a few questions in this article, I hope that they will be useful to you and help you achieve your goals in this game.I invite you to discover more.

Snake Game Modes


If the snake eats, it grows longer, and the game ends once it has eaten all it can or when it hits itself or the border.

Google Snake Twin mode

Whenever the snake eats an apple, the heads and tails switch places.

Flying fruit

For example, the apple bounces off the snake's body and the board's border as it moves around.

Google Snake Yin Yang

There are two snakes on the board, one that you can control directly and the other that reverses what is being done by the main snake.Both snakes have the opposite color depending on where you place your arrow.Running into the other snake is game over.

Google Snake Key mode

The key symbol will appear with the corresponding lock.With the key, the lock block unlocks which allows the snake to get to the banana, for example, that is hidden behind.The snake will be unable to collect anything if the block stops.


The snake will be divided into segments, some of which will be visible to you.Your snake will be able move through these segments without dying.

Endless Map

Since the map is endless, you cannot get stuck.It is only possible to lose by hitting the snake.


At any one time, there are two bananas on the board.One of the bananas will grow into the snake's head once it eats one of them.It can also pick which direction to move.Game over if no bananas spawn.When a banana is eaten in Portal mode, no bananas can spawn within a radius of 2 blocks around the snakehead.That way, you won't be in a bind when you portal into a location.Also, the snake moves slower in Portal mode than in Classic mode.

Brick Wall

Your snake will build a wall on the map for every meal it consumes.Therefore, you must avoid hitting the bricks if you want to continue playing.


There will be no end to your snake's life unless you want to stop playing.You can move your snake into walls and it will emerge the other side.If you reached the maximum amount of strawberries for the level size, the game ends when you click the stop button in the top right corner.

Types of food in Google Snake Game

Among the fruit are apples, watermelons, pumpkins, bananas, pineapples, grapes, cherries, carrots, radish, eggplant, strawberries, mushrooms, broccoli, and a fruit bowl.


Questions on Google Snake

Can you pause Google snake?

You can control the snake using the arrow keys.For pause, I tried to press 'Space' but it did not work.The CTRL + (+) key combination didn't work either.

What is the Highest record of Google’s Snake Game?

No rewrites were found I88 No rewrites were found

How do you get a rainbow snake in Google’s snake game?

Type "Google snake" into Google.

Play the video by pressing the start button.

3: Press on the setting icon at the bottom left of the game window.

4- On the sixth row, you will see different colors for the snake.

Move them to the left until you see the rainbow snake.

How do you beat Google’s snake game?

Start by practicing the classic Snake Game.

2- Play Snake slowly.

Stay on the edges of the snake game at all times.

Play Snake and zigzag your way through it.

What happens at the end of the game?

Upon eating 252 apples on Regular map size, a window pops up showing your final score and winning music, congratulating you on your win.

What are the levels of Speed in the game?

Referring to the normal speed of a snake.

The rabbit refers to a faster pace (1/3 as fast).

Turtle means 1/3 as fast as a turtle.

How many sizes of the game map you can choose from?

Usually: 17 x 15

10*9 Small:

Approximately 24x21 inches

What are the Colors of snakes in the Game?

Yin Yang mode involves two snakes.Parentheses indicate the color of the 2nd snake.

Green (purple), blue (orange), orange (blue), magenta (pine green), cyan (red), purple (green), blue (cyan), yellow (purple-blue), and rainbow (grey-scale).


Random facts about Google Snake Game

Play Google snake


Game of Snakes on Google

Snake Game Settings

Changing settings.

Hardest settings in snake game

Easiest settings in snake game


This mode disables walls, so you can touch the snake!


In summary, Google Snake Game is one of my favorite games of all time, it's simple, fun, and I feel good playing it.You folks should have some fun with the challenge and have fun.It is my hope that you enjoyed reading this article and found answers to your questions.