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You look like Yzma from Emperor's New Groove with your new eyelash extensions, don't you?.You might end up looking like an alpaca or a giraffe if you use an off-brand eyelash extension.Both of these animals have long lashes that are unnatural on humans.If your eyelash extensions are too long, there is nothing to worry about.

When you apply eyelash extensions to your lashes, you are able to appear as though you are wearing makeup or falsies when you are just wearing your natural lashes.This can result in irritation or annoyance if your lashes end up too long.If you want to avoid cutting your own eyelashes, you should never remove eyelash extensions while they are on.You might cut your own eyelashes, causing permanent damage.During your next appointment, you may want to adjust your extensions, or you can remove your extensions at home.

If your eyelash extensions are too long, what do you do?


Wait before you remove long eyelash extensions if you're thinking of doing so.Several reasons warrant the recommendation against cutting extensions while they are attached.

Is it possible to cut your eyelash extensions if they are too long?

1. Contact your technician

Have your technician swap out your eyelashes.The technician can lengthen your lashes if you notice they are longer after the installation.You'll need to schedule a separate appointment to have your extensions installed, as they can take several hours to install.Ask for a correction if your eyelashes are not the way you wanted them.

You should have the aesthetician trim your fake lashes first, just in case they're too long.If you need new lashes after leaving the beauty salon, you can inquire at the reception.Having constant dissatisfaction will keep you from feeling discontent constantly.

2. Bending

Although there are methods that do not require cutting eyelash extensions, they can be shortened by cutting them.You can bend up the edges to give them some curvature, so they appear shorter.Do not worry; you will look better after loosening the glue.

3. Check the length before installation

The technician must confirm the length of the lashes before they are applied.Additionally, they should have charts and sponges to help you determine the perfect length of your eyelash extensions.You should first take the necessary measurements and trim the false lashes if necessary before attaching them.

4. Learn lash car before you go for extensions

The length of your eyelashes should be determined by who gave you the pair.The Innova Lash Tweezers hints can help you before clipping your lashes.

5. Stand in front of mirror

Be extremely careful when trimming your lashes.By making even the tiniest error, you can damage your eyes.Make sure you do this in a bright light so you can see what you're doing.Eyelash extension tweezers by Innova are the best tweezers for eyelashes.Be careful when setting up the mirror so that you don't make any mistakes.

6. Tell your technician about shorter length you want

How would you define "shorter?"?.It may only be possible to apply shorter lashes if you request it.Depending on your request, your technician may apply one size shorter lashes.

Use words like "elegant", "simple", "fresh", "smart" & "classy" to create an elegant, natural look.Here is an illustration to show you what I mean."

7. Trim them

Then, you should trim your false lashes if they are not perfect.

A new pair of false lashes might require trimming, especially if your eyes are smaller.Eyelash manufacturers will make false lashes that are available in different sizes so that everyone can find one that fits their needs.

To remove false eyelashes, you simply clip them.You can make your counterfeits appear real or fake, but the only step required is to solve some safety and branching issues.

It is a perfect fit for false eyelashes, since they are designed to be adhered directly to your eyes.

8. Choose extension with short strip or cut it short

Additionally, eyelash extensions can vary in thickness, length, and curvature to ensure comfort and natural-looking results.

You should choose another type of lash if the lash strip is too wide for your eyes or if the lashes are too long for your liking.

To ensure the most attractive appearance and fit, remove eyelash strips before applying new ones.

You can ask your technician to remove your lash extensions. .Many people do this on the spot, and I may even be able to fit in right away.

9. Cut some strands carefully

You may need to remove some strands of lashes from the outer edge of your lashes if they appear too long.

You can easily cut them too short, resulting in your lashes being too short for your eyes.