In Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart, Candace Fleming emphasizes independence, bravery, and risk.An account of a female pilot's life and impressive accomplishments in a male-dominated world can be found in this book.Flight had been only a profession for men for centuries, and women were shunned if they tried.Amelia Earhart's courage and determination helped her overcome prejudice, achieve dreams, and advance women's rights.Women were supposed to stay home and let the men work during the early 1900s.Wearing long skirts, they cheered on men in sports (11).Earhart, however, did not share society's views on women.Earhart was a tomboy since she was a child.Her favorite sport was tennis, and she wore bloomers.Having no care for what others thought allowed Earhart to be different and as a result to change society's view of women.Instead of worrying about conforming to society's views, she might not have been able to make as much of a difference as she could have.

She had to have faith in herself in order to overcome obstacles.Other people looked up to her and believed in her.A woman of great pride, Earhart rarely flinched in public.She was already confident in herself when she was a teenager.Her toy roller coaster failed, so she tried it again, still confident that she would succeed the second time (14).Earhart's teacher started to give up on her when she learned how to fly because she thought she would never become a good pilot.Because of her self-confidence, Earhart refused to give up.Despite her youthful confidence, she believed that one day she would become a better pilot.She did.In the absence of Earhart's confidence, obstacles would have taken her by surprise instead of overcoming them.With her confidence, it was likely that Earhart was able to arouse the trust of others and succeed."Dare to live", she advised her students (83).Earhart had to be determined to be a role model for young girls.In her journey toward fulfilling her dreams, Amelia Earhart overcame many obstacles, but she persevered, inspiring girls everywhere and demonstrating that determination is the key to success.She worked hard, even after a bad takeoff, to earn her license as a pilot and didn't give up.In addition, even when Earhart was insanely busy, she still made time to give speeches to young women, because she wanted to encourage them to be themselves.Despite all odds, Earhart would not have achieved her dreams or flown across oceans if she had given up. .Achieving her goals would have been impossible without confidence, determination, and an open mind.While she sometimes became scared of failure and getting hurt, she still managed to achieve her dream of flying an airplane.In her writing, Earhart acknowledged the dangers, but wanted to attempt the dream for its own sake.As Earhart wrote, “..I am quite aware of the hazards, I want to do it because I want to do it.Although Earhart lived a short life, her actions inspired many generations of young women and teenagers to follow in her footsteps in their lives. Time is valuable.Let us write an essay for you from scratch


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