An ounce is equal to one quart.Below is a conversion calculator for converting quarts to other units of measure. Read on to learn more about quarts.

Quart Conversion Calculators

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Quart Definition and Usage

The quart is the standard US unit of volume.The abbreviation for quarts is qt, so one quart is equal to 1 qt.

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How Much is a Quart?

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Following is a table showing how much a quart is in terms of other measures.

1 qt0.25 gal2 pt4 c32 fl oz64 tbsp192 tsp57.75 in³0.03342 ft³0.001238 yd³0.946353 l946.352946 ml946.352946 cm³0.000946 m³
2 qt0.5 gal4 pt8 c64 fl oz128 tbsp384 tsp115.5 in³0.06684 ft³0.002476 yd³1.892706 l1,893 ml1,893 cm³0.001893 m³
3 qt0.75 gal6 pt12 c96 fl oz192 tbsp576 tsp173.25 in³0.10026 ft³0.003713 yd³2.839059 l2,839 ml2,839 cm³0.002839 m³
4 qt1 gal8 pt16 c128 fl oz256 tbsp768 tsp231 in³0.133681 ft³0.004951 yd³3.785412 l3,785 ml3,785 cm³0.003785 m³
5 qt1.25 gal10 pt20 c160 fl oz320 tbsp960 tsp288.75 in³0.167101 ft³0.006189 yd³4.731765 l4,732 ml4,732 cm³0.004732 m³
6 qt1.5 gal12 pt24 c192 fl oz384 tbsp1,152 tsp346.5 in³0.200521 ft³0.007427 yd³5.678118 l5,678 ml5,678 cm³0.005678 m³
7 qt1.75 gal14 pt28 c224 fl oz448 tbsp1,344 tsp404.25 in³0.233941 ft³0.008664 yd³6.624471 l6,624 ml6,624 cm³0.006624 m³
8 qt2 gal16 pt32 c256 fl oz512 tbsp1,536 tsp462 in³0.267361 ft³0.009902 yd³7.570824 l7,571 ml7,571 cm³0.007571 m³
9 qt2.25 gal18 pt36 c288 fl oz576 tbsp1,728 tsp519.75 in³0.300781 ft³ 0.01114 yd³8.517177 l8,517 ml8,517 cm³0.008517 m³
10 qt2.5 gal20 pt40 c320 fl oz640 tbsp1,920 tsp577.5 in³0.334201 ft³0.012378 yd³9.463529 l9,464 ml9,464 cm³0.009464 m³
11 qt2.75 gal22 pt44 c352 fl oz704 tbsp2,112 tsp635.25 in³0.367622 ft³0.013616 yd³10.409882 l10,410 ml10,410 cm³0.01041 m³
12 qt3 gal24 pt48 c384 fl oz768 tbsp2,304 tsp693 in³0.401042 ft³0.014853 yd³11.356235 l11,356 ml11,356 cm³0.011356 m³
13 qt3.25 gal26 pt52 c416 fl oz832 tbsp2,496 tsp750.75 in³0.434462 ft³0.016091 yd³12.302588 l12,303 ml12,303 cm³0.012303 m³
14 qt3.5 gal 28 pt56 c448 fl oz896 tbsp2,688 tsp808.5 in³0.467882 ft³0.017329 yd³13.248941 l13,249 ml13,249 cm³0.013249 m³
15 qt3.75 gal30 pt60 c480 fl oz960 tbsp2,880 tsp866.25 in³0.501302 ft³0.018567 yd³14.195294 l14,195 ml14,195 cm³0.014195 m³
16 qt4 gal32 pt64 c512 fl oz1,024 tbsp3,072 tsp924 in³0.534722 ft³0.019805 yd³15.141647 l15,142 ml15,142 cm³0.015142 m³
17 qt4.25 gal34 pt68 c544 fl oz1,088 tbsp3,264 tsp981.75 in³0.568142 ft³0.021042 yd³16.088 l16,088 ml16,088 cm³0.016088 m³
18 qt4.5 gal36 pt72 c576 fl oz1,152 tbsp3,456 tsp1,040 in³0.601562 ft³0.02228 yd³17.034353 l 17,034 ml17,034 cm³0.017034 m³
19 qt4.75 gal38 pt76 c608 fl oz1,216 tbsp3,648 tsp1,097 in³0.634983 ft³0.023518 yd³17.980706 l17,981 ml17,981 cm³0.017981 m³
20 qt5 gal40 pt80 c640 fl oz1,280 tbsp3,840 tsp1,155 in³0.668403 ft³0.024756 yd³18.927059 l18,927 ml18,927 cm³0.018927 m³