While you may think it will be easy to keep the color vibrant and vivid when you dye your hair red, it may actually be more difficult.As time passes, you discover that your fiery red hair has taken on a yellowish hue and partly even appears brassy!

That's when most of us decide to visit a salon every three to four weeks to remove the brassiness.The only problem with this method is how much money it can drain from your pocket!

What happens to red hair that develops yellow or brassy tones when it uses purple shampoo?

What Does Purple Shampoo Do to Dyed Red Hair?

Shortly, if we apply purple shampoo to dyed red hair, it will help get rid of the brassy and yellow tones that tend to appear after some time when the hair is colored red.Nevertheless, this shampoo is also helpful in toning down the redness in your hair.

Purple shampoo has the ability to remove such a stubborn hair color as blue, which can be difficult to remove?.When your hair is dyed red, this shampoo removes those orange and yellow tones from your hair with its blue and violet pigments.

We recommend reading on to discover how to use purple shampoo correctly, as well as what its principle and benefits are, in order not to end up with messy hair and ruined color.


A Briefing:

What Is Purple Shampoo?

The mystery purple shampoo - what is it and why is it called purple?.The product is referred to as purple because it actually has this color.

Purple shampoo is used for what?.It is used mainly for two reasons.The first step consists of removing brassy and yellow or orange tones that are usually visible after coloring our hair.It is also possible for brassiness to show up on blonde as well as brown hair due to an array of factors, such as chlorine in water, UV rays from the sun, mineral impurities, etc.

Our second main reason for using this kind of shampoo is that it evens out our hair's redness.

Another practical application for this shampoo is to remove colored hair.Basically, purple shampoo can also be used if you need to get rid of the red dye in your hair completely.Violet and blue pigments in this substance allow it to remove the red color very easily, leaving you with your original hair color.


How Does Purple Shampoo Work?

People usually ask this question when they use this product on their hair.A purple shampoo works by using violet to neutralize warmer tones in dyed hair.Purple shampoo works in detail if you recall the color wheel and the color theory.

If you are familiar with coloristics, and you can mentally construct a color wheel, try to remember where purple color sits in relation to yellow.Yep, purple is in direct opposition to yellow!

As a result, if you tone your blonde hair with purple shampoo, the yellow will be cooled down to a more platinum-like tint.A purple shampoo will neutralize the warm colors and hide brassiness.

As a side note, it also works with red hair.Purple shampoo is so effective when we need to remove brassiness from our fiery manes!

If you want the best result for both red and blonde hair, I strongly recommend using a purple shampoo that has a deep violet color.


How to Use Purple Shampoo

When it comes to applying purple shampoo to our hair, we may feel confused and frustrated.Do we just wash our hair with it like a normal shampoo?

You need not worry, ladies!.Purple shampoo is, in fact, a simple and effortless process.

In addition, when using purple shampoo, you should keep a few tips in mind.Observe your hair before applying the shampoo to get the most from the application stage.This will allow you to identify the problem areas more easily that will benefit from violet tones.

When applying your shampoo, make sure you concentrate on these areas, and remember that you should focus on separate sections of your hair!

In addition, if you have particularly yellow, brassy, or orange hair, why not leave the shampoo in for longer than five minutes?.Sometimes, it is even allowed to let it work for half an hour or more!

We would like to share one more tip with you.Most girls tend to make the same error when applying purple shampoo to their hair.The product is mainly applied close to the roots and the scalp in the hope that it can spread to the hair tips further along the locks.

This will not happen!.Gravity does not work in this case.


How Often to Use Purple Shampoo?

It will depend on what you will use it for on how often you will use it.For example, you can ton your hair once a week if it is only necessary to do so.For color removal, you might increase the frequency to twice per week and the dose.

In addition, if this is your first time using it, we recommend applying it only once per week at first.You can then keep the process under your complete control while slowly stripping off the color until you reach your desired shade.


DIY Purple Shampoo For Those Who Are On a Budget

Actually, you don't have to buy purple shampoo in order to use this recipe.If you are a control freak and need to monitor everything around you at all times, feel free to use it.

As a matter of fact, you can make your own purple shampoo at home since you have total control over the strength and color correcting qualities, which is great for those who cannot locate the right option for themselves within a store.

Here's what you'll need to do to take care of it yourself:

Good work!


What Purple Shampoo to Buy?

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find a purple shampoo that will ideally match your hair type and meet your requirements.

This is why we have compiled the best purple products that will suit every budget and purpose, from cheap to expensive, from light toning to color removal.Designed for all hair types!


The Best Purple Shampoo You Can Find

Though it might sound pretentious, Naissant's Purple Shampoo really is an amazing product.It can be used both as an intensive toning product and as a regular shampoo for color correction.

Moreover, since it contains healthy ingredients like olive oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein, your hair will be very nourished.

On-Budget Option

Want to avoid spending a fortune on a highly expensive product?.Of course we understand.


For Dry And Fragile Hair

When our hair needs extra care, we want to use only the gentlest products.If you use purple shampoo frequently and are concerned about the safety of your mane, try the Luseta Color Brightening Purple Shampoo.

Natural balancing extracts add volume and reduce frizz without parabens.This shampoo also makes your hair shafts stronger because it contains quinoa seed extract, and biotin increases production.

If you follow these tips, suggestions, and recommendations, you will be able to select the perfect purple shampoo that will perfectly suit your needs.As well, if you want total control over your product's color removal or toning, you now have a recipe for DIY purple shampoo!